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Nov 27

Let’s go back to Litigation

Speech delivered in the Seminar on “Let’s Go Back to Litigation” organized by PHD Chamber on 25th November, 2013 at PHD House, 4/2 Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi – 110016.

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May 11

Notice by the National Green Tribunal

Recently, I appeared pro bono and argued in matter relating to environmental issue of de-concretization of trees. The Petition has been filed by an Activist Mr. Aditya Prasad before the National Green Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi. The Tribunal issued Notice on the first date of hearing.

On the very next date i.e. on 23.4.2013, the Hon’ble Tribunal directed all the public authorities, more particularly Municipal Corporation of Delhi, DDA, DTC, DMRC, NHAI and all Government respondents in the Petition including the Director General of CPWD, the Chief Engineer, PWD, to ensure :

  • All the sign boards, names, advertisements, any kind of boards or signages, electric wires and high tension cables or otherwise are removed from the trees forthwith.
  • They shall also ensure that the concrete surrounding the trees within one metre of the trees are removed forthwith.
  • The Departments/authorities concerned shall take all and every prohibitive measures to prevent the defacing of the trees in any manner.
  • All the respondents whose boards are fixed on the trees shall be prosecuted by the respective authorities under in accordance with the relevant law.

Various Newspapers have reported the aforesaid issue and Directions made by Green Tribunal in respect of preserving our most valuable living asset i.e. Trees.

Apr 10

Electoral Reforms: Some Perspectives and Suggestions

In a few months from now India is going to its Sixteenth General Election. This is the time to introspect. Let us know about one major setback which has crept its way into our polity, and see if anything can be done, or at least needs to be done in cleaning the system. Unless we have a clean public life, nothing will happen.

Criminalization of Indian Polity:

In a democracy, the elected representatives are responsible for governing the country; therefore, it is of utmost importance, that the people who enter the field of politics have a clean image and a high moral character. However the reality is otherwise. Criminalisation of politics has many forms, but perhaps the most alarming amongst them is the significant number of elected representatives with criminal charges pending against them. It is high time that we amend our Election Laws to tackle the problem of Criminal Politicians. Therefore, it would be appropriate for us to first gauge the real extent to which the criminalization has seeped within the Indian Polity. In furtherance of this endeavour we hereby produce the statistical trends of recent years:

Criminal Records of MPs of Lok Sabha….

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