Dec 17

Speech delivered on the eve of SCBA President Election 2012

Friends and Colleagues at the Bar,

The greatest penalty a person has to pay is to be governed by inferiors if he does not govern himself. The same is true for an institution more so when we relate it to the Supreme Court and Supreme Court Bar Association. SCBA has been just another Bar of a Court for we never had a structured game plan. It is time we take the reins as leader of the Bar and make SCBA the leading Bar Association of all the Bar Associations in the country and that is what I stand for, making SCBA the national voice of the legal profession in India.

I stand for a collective possible vision, a focused practical action plan and to lead the team to make it all possible. We are passing through yet another critical phase of transition and these periods lead to restructuring and repositioning. Globalization, issues relating to fiscal cliff and advancement of technology have their impact on the legal profession.

It is time to make full use of the potentials arising out of Technological Advancement. In 1985 Electronic Display Devices were installed in Supreme Court now we have live telecast of Court No. Item No., Cause Lists and Orders and Judgments. But the best is yet to come. Continue reading